South Bay Adult Education Consortium

The South Bay Adult Education Consortium/Southwestern is a collaborative of South Bay educational districts (Southwestern College, the Sweetwater Union High School District and the Coronado Unified School District) committed to an ongoing effort to strengthen and enhance adult learner access, persistence and success.


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08 Dec, 2022
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Student Spotlight

Meet Hillario Ontiveros, a student at Chula Vista Adult School. An education is a way to improve your own life as well as your families. In order to do this Hillario Ontiveros returned to school and completed his High School Equivalency Certificate. Hillario plans on attending Southwestern Community College and then applying for a job in law enforcement. CONGRATULATIONS HILLARIO!
Meet Alfonso Motta, a student at Chula Vista Adult School. Even when they have a job many people continue their education so they can improve their lives. Alfonso is one of those people. He works in a shipyard but wants to go to Southwestern Community College to become a production engineer. To accomplish that Alfonso has just passed the High School Equivalency Exam. CONGRATULATIONS ALFONSO!
Meet Adrian Tarango, a student at Chula Vista High School. Adrian has a passion for cooking. He started attending Chef Baums Culinary class for a few hours a day last year while he finished his High School Equivalency Certificate. He also got a job at the world renowned Marine Room in La Jolla in the dish room. He is now attending Chef Baums class full time and has been promoted at the Marine Room to the food line. We are impressed with his motivation, ambition and work ethic. Adrian is an example of how dreams can come true using Chula Vista Adult School as a starting point. CONGRATULATIONS ADRIAN, YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION FOR OTHER STUDENTS.
Meet Anita Moreno, a student at Chula Vista High School. Anita has met her goal of obtaining a High School Equivalency Certificate. Anita has already enrolled in Southwestern College and is pursuing a degree in education to be a teacher. Her teacher says she was one of the best students in class and always worked hard. CONGRATULATIONS ANITA
Meet Marie Pina, a student from Chula Vista Adult School. Marie has the determination and perseverance traits that all individuals need to succeed. She exhibited both characteristics in order to achieve her High School Equivalency Certificate. It took Marie a number of years to complete her classes but because of her determination she succeeded. Marie had a career in Accounting but now wants to go into Nursing. CONGRATULATIONS MARIE!
Meet Antonio Dominguez, a student at Chula Vista Adult School. Although most students need to be in class to get the most benefit towards their education, a few can learn on their own. Antonio is one those students. He attended Distance Learning and has attained his High School Equivalency Certificate. He now wants to continue his education at a Community College. CONGRATULATIONS ANTONIO!
Meet Andrew Cruz. Many students struggle with math. It takes patience and hard work to successfully understand it. Andrew Cruz spent many hours learning Math and has now completed his High School Equivalency Certificate. CONGRATULATIONS ANDREW!
Meet Virna Gurrola, a Distance Learning student at Chula Vista Adult School. Most students who enroll in Distance Learning take longer to complete their class than those who attend every day. It took Virna Gurrola 3 semesters, through hard work and perseverance she has achieved her High School Equivalency Diploma. Virna has been raising her children but is now looking at attending Southwestern College to continue her education. CONGRATULATIONS VIRNA!
Meet Oscar Marquez, a student at Chula Vista Adult School. Oscar has taught us, it's never too late to start a new career. Oscar has spent many successful years working in the fishing industry. He decided to change careers and go into the medical field. To do this he needed more education. He went to Chula Vista Adult School and within 4 months he finished the High School Equivalence Certificate. CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR!
Meet Apolinar Odales, a student at Chula Vista Adukt School. Achieving your goals can sometimes take longer than expected. It took Apolinar about a year and half but he has attained his High School Equivalency Certificate. Apolinar likes to do research on his computer because he has a curious mind. Because of that he wants to take a class in computers here at Chula Vista Adult School and then go to Southwestern College. CONGRATULATIONS APOLINAR!
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